Anaerobic digestion plant approved despite protesters

A controversial anaerobic digestion plant development has been approved by the Ministry of Environment in Woolwich, Canada.

Both the Woolwich Township council and the Elmira Biofuel Citizens Committee opposed the plant, which they said would exceed noise and odour limits.

The township previously met with provincial ministers at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association, to discuss alternative locations for the plant, but these talks were unsuccessful.

The decision to go ahead with the plant was made on 27 March and the Woolwich Bio-En development will now be built at the north end of the town.

However, the project will need to comply with restrictions on the number of trucks going to and from the site, as well as noise and odour emission limits. The company also plans to install odour control equipment worth $1 million (€750,000).

The plant plans to convert waste including liquid manure, organics, food processing, kitchen, farm crops and oils into power through the anaerobic digestion process.

The township and the committee both said that they were ‘upset’ by the news because during the consultation period more than 200 residents wrote letters to the Ministry of Environment over concerns for the proposal and another 600 residents signed a petition opposing the plant.

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