Anaergia to supply food waste treatment for Singapore waste management facility

Singapore's National Environment Agency Signs Contract with Anaergia for Integrated Waste Management Facility
Anaergia has announced it has signed a contract to supply good waste treatment system for Singapore's Tuas Nexus Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF).

Anaergia is an end-to-end solution provider for extracting organics from waste, implementing anaerobic digestion, upgrading biogas, producing feritiliser and cleaning water.

The facility will be Singapore's first food waste treatment facility, and one of the largest in South East Asia.

Using Anaergia's technologies, the FWTF will be Singapore's primary facility for the treatment of source-segregated food waste.

Anaergia's process will first separate inorganic materials from food waste. The food waste fraction will then be processed into a slurry, which will be anaerobically co-digested with used water sludge at the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (Tuas WRP) to produce biogas. The co-digestion of food waste slurry and used water sludge will increase biogas production at Tuas WRP and improve energy recovery from waste while optimising land use.

The venture was selected by Singapore's Natural Environment Agency (NEA) for its IWMF Engineering, Procurement and Construction Package 2 (EPC2) contract.

The EPC2 contract will include a 400-tonne-per-day Food Waste Treatment Facility (FWTF), which Anaergia will design and build using its waste treatment technologies. The construction of this waste treatment facility will be a key step towards realising Singapore’s vision of becoming a zero-waste economy.

NEA awarded the EPC2 contract to a joint venture between UES Holdings Pte (UESH) and China Harbour (Singapore) Engineering Company Pte Ltd (CHEC). The joint venture’s submitted proposal was evaluated based on process design and optimisation, resource efficiency, Singapore’s Green Mark initiatives, plant layout and value for cost.

“Food waste treatment is a critical component of this project, and Anaergia’s world-leading proven technologies are what make this combined treatment of food and used water sludge possible. We are happy to partner with Anaergia to build this landmark facility,” said Dr Zhou Tong, project director of UESH-CHEC JV."

“Singapore is already a world leader in used water treatment. By developing two world leading facilities and then integrating them, Singapore becomes a global leader in the handling of human liquid and solid waste in an optimised manner. This mega facility is Anaergia’s third project in Singapore and is supported by our Asia Pacific regional offices which are located there.

"This contract, together with our recently announced contract in Okayama, Japan, adds around SGD$50 million or C$46 million to Anaergia’s backlog. We look forward to continuing to support Singapore in achieving its sustainable infrastructure goals as it implements Green Plan 2030,” said Andrew Benedek, Anaergia’s chairman and CEO.
Singapore's National Environment Agency Signs Contract with Anaergia for Integrated Waste Management Facility

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