Anaergia: Breaking new ground

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Anaergia is one of the world’s largest listed companies that produces biomethane from organic waste. It produces carbon-negative fuel, helping to reduce global carbon emissions and get the world to net-zero. Andrew Benedek, chairman and CEO at Anaergia, told us more.
Can you tell me more about any recent technological developments, activity or products from Anaergia that you are particularly excited about?
“We have a lot to be excited about, but in particular we were just named Biogas Groundbreaker of the Year by the EBA (European Biogas Association). There is only one company award given in this EBA programme, so we’re proud to have been selected!
“Another source of pride: We announced this year that, since our founding in 2008, our technologies have avoided more than 460,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions [in carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent]. This past year, our projects prevented 41 times more emissions than what our operations produced. This is the type of work that’s needed to get the world to net-zero carbon emissions.
“We’re also very excited about Europe’s push to develop more biomethane...

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