An update on biogas tax credits in the US

Maureen Walsh, director of federal policy for the American Biogas Council, discusses recent developments on biogas tax credits in the US

Over the past few years, the growth of the biogas sector has accelerated as a result of national policies encouraging the use of renewable fuels and renewable power. The growing awareness of gaps within our recycling industry has also contributed to the biogas industry’s development; in particular a desire to mitigate methane emissions by recycling our organic waste stream. These combined forces have led to increased opportunities for the development of new biogas systems that recycle organic material and prevent methane emissions from entering the atmosphere, among many other benefits.

Federal interest in the US in renewable power and fuel can be seen in the latest tax extender package that passed in December 2019, just before the Christmas break. The legislation included an extension of the Section 45 Production Tax Credit (PTC), as well as the extension of the Alternative Fuels Excise Tax Credit. Both of these credits had been expired since 31 December 2017 and were retroactively extended for...

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