An overview of “the world’s most scalable torrefaction technology”

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Audun Sommerli Time, chief marketing officer at NextFuel AB, explains the company’s torrefaction technology to Bioenergy Insight.
Established in 2016, NextFuel is a clean-tech startup that is headquartered in Stockholm - with branches in Oslo and Vienna. The company’s roots originate in an international consortium established by Wild and Partner, Andritz Group and Polytechnick, with research grants from the Austrian government and the European Union (EU). This research and development process led to a technological breakthrough that was developed and tested over a six-year period.
“NextFuel AB has, together with our industrial partners, developed the world’s most scalable torrefaction technology,” Sommerli Time told Bioenergy Insight. “Our technological breakthrough makes it possible to transform any type of feedstock into a clean copy of coal in less than 30 minutes. This new fuel has an energy content of 22 to 28 GJ/t and makes it possible to replace coal directly in the existing infrastructure at very competitive prices."
The technology is attractive because it brings low costs, high ROI, flexibility with raw material and the...

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