Amur enters UK AD market with consultancy services and plant plans

The UK anaerobic digestion (AD) market has expanded with a new player when a new company called Amur launched at the UK AD & Biogas show in Birmingham.

The business, part of AB Agri, an Associated British Foods subsidiary, will work with agricultural and waste-fed AD operators to supply them with high quality feedstocks and additives to improve plant performance.

Nigel Lee, who will lead Amur, brings his years of extensive knowledge on both the agricultural sector and driving commercial success to the new business.

“Our primary goal is to offer a completely new level of practical support to both those already established and those just starting out in AD,” said Lee.

“We are bringing our background knowledge and expertise to the market with an exciting new business where we will help operators to expand their range beyond crops and co-products as well as giving support and guidance for further optimisation of performance.”

Amur is also building its own AD facility in South Milford, North Yorkshire, which will not only act as a testing ground for new products but also a demonstration centre.

Having its own facility also gives Amur the chance to gather a practical understanding of the challenges AD operators are facing when building and running their own plants.

Alongside the practical supply services, Amur will also offer advice and guidance to AD operators, with the business team using its expertise and experience to offer practical support on feedstock selection and plant optimisation as well as collaborating with NNFCC, the leading UK consultancy focused on understanding biorenewable markets and associated technologies.

Nigel Lee will be supported by an industry expert team including technical development manager Christine Parry, with a 14-year history with waste and co-products, and category manager Dean Barclay, who has over 20 years of experience in co-products and feedstocks in both procurement and sales.

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