Ammongas installs biogas upgrading facility in New York State

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Ammongas, part of European Energy, has announced the successful installation of a biogas upgrading facility at Allen Farms, in the state of New York, US.
This facility is the first in a series of four, planned for development by Cayuga RNG Holdings, LLC, a joint venture of UGI Energy Services, LLC, a subsidiary of UGI Corporation and Global Common Ventures, LLC.
It represents a significant milestone in the production of biomethane in New York State, according to Ammongas.
The newly installed unit is capable of transforming waste from locally sourced agricultural residues into nearly four million cubic meters of biomethane annually, said the company.
The facility operates by purifying biogas — a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide — sourced from the biogas plant.
Through an advanced process it effectively removes CO2, ensuring the product is at least 98% pure biomethane.
This biomethane is then compressed, dried, and meticulously analyzed for purity before being supplied to the client.
“We have a goal of a more sustainable future, and this facility brings us a step closer to that goal. It is very rewarding to witness our technology provide renewable, efficient energy solutions to the local community,” said Michael Pedersen, CEO of Ammongas.


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