American Power Group urges Biden to accelerate RNG for transport

American Power Group’s (APG) chairman and CEO have written to President Biden, urging the administration to make use of RNG for heavy-duty truck fleets.

Written by Matthew Van Steenwyk, APG’s chairman, and Charles Coppa, CEO, the letter pledges the company’s “full support” to Opal Fuels’ letter, also addressed to President Biden, which stressed the need to accelerate efforts to develop RNG.

“It’s a game-changer for the climate and using natural gas engines, or dual fuel technology with RNG, potentially can drop one billion tones of more or CO2 annually from the US climate change commitment,” the letter reads.

“Furthermore, it would come from one of the most difficult to address carbon abatement categories, on road, heavy-duty Class 8 trucks.

“We know we can do this. American Power Group has developed and been selling our dual-fuel technology for the past 10 years with millions of hours and miles of both on road and off-road applications, so this isn’t ‘unproven’ technology.

“We have over 500 EPA engine family approvals in addition to CARB executive orders with a technology readiness level of 9, so we can have an immediate and significant impact today.”

APG highlighted that the solution is ready now and applies to existing fleets and diesel engines without changing the operations or capability of the truck and is “just waiting for the negative carbon intensity RNG fuel that would come from the agricultural and organic waste products community”.

The letter continues: “Mr President, there is an opportunity before us to drive the scale of US and worldwide RNG production from animal waste and other organics by increasing demand, utilising technology like ours.

“We appreciate RNG is only a part of the overall solution, but it can have a significant positive impact across a wide constituency base, from agricultural communities that benefit from RNG production to those communities that often suffer the brunt of our climate and emissions policies, to transforming a community of hardworking truckers who are the backbone of this country’s supply chain. They all become leaders and/or benefactors in climate change and emissions reductions.

“We hope with your leadership and support, our Senators and Congressional Representatives working on the contemplated infrastructure bill will support the rapid development of the digester and RNG conditioner technology currently operating to accelerate the availability and demand for this ‘drop-in’ fuel.

“Cleaner air, lower and even negative carbon emissions, impact many facets of our lives. It’s right now. It’s one billion tons.”

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