‘Ambitious’ French biogas plan under way

A target concerning the addition of biogas plants in the French region of Midi-Pyrenees has been announced.

Regional Authority president Martin Malvy revealed 100 biogas plants will be constructed after an agreement signed by the minister of agriculture and the minister of ecology, sustainable development and energy.

It is believed, via that agreement, a regional committee will help develop supply chains and contribute to the overall Energie Methane Autonomie Azote (EMAA) plan announced by the government in March.

The EMAA aims to optimise the purchase price of electricity produced via biogas and help simplify the administrative procedures allocated against anaerobic digestion projects.

The Midi-Pyrenees regional authority has overseen construction of 17 biogas plants over the past four years, worth a total investment of €30 million ($40.1 million).

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