Amazon orders 1,000 CNG-fuelled trucks

Amazon is increasing the number of CNG (biomethane) vehicles available to its partners across Europe, following successful trials with CNG Fuels.

Amazon has already taken over more than 200 IVECO S-WAY CNG trucks to be handed over to partners across Europe. Additionally, the retail giant has ordered more than 800 CNG trucks from IVECO to be made available to its European Amazon Freight Partners in 2022, bringing its European CNG fleet to more than 1,000 vehicles by the end of 2022.

CNG Fuels has been working with Amazon and its partners for several months, refuelling their ever-growing UK CNG vehicle fleets at its bio-CNG refuelling stations.

In a LinkedIn post, CNG Fuels said: “We’ve been assisting Amazon and their partners in running an initial trial with these vehicles, ensuring they are happy with the performance and results that these vehicles provide.

“I’m pleased to say that these IVECO S-Way units have delivered on every level and by running on our 100% renewable biomethane they are now achieving emissions savings of over 90% vs. their diesel counterparts.

“This announcement of an additional 1,064 CNG powered trucks across Europe is fantastic news for the entire industry and particularly for the UK, with a large number of these vehicles heading this way. We can’t wait to welcome them through our ever-growing network of bio-CNG stations.”

“We already operate nine CNG trucks from IVECO and will increase to 10 in late November, with more to follow in 2022,” said Ian Thomson, transport manager at Forge Logistics.

“Our experience has been good so far, we especially appreciate reduction in fuel costs compared to diesel trucks. Even at the backdrop of gas prices going up we see positive impact, though we hoped and still hope for more once the environment changes.”


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