Alexela completes liquefied biomethane fuel pilot delivery in Estonia

Estonian energy company Alexela is one of the first in the country and in the Baltics to supply the domestic market with a 100% carbon-neutral fuel - liquefied biomethane (LBM).

LBM is considered the most sustainable fuel in road transport today, helping to reduce greenhouse gases of heavy-duty vehicles in the logistics chain.

Alexela has several other projects connected to LNG. In 2017, the firm opened an LCNG (LNG and CNG) fuelling station in Võru, south Estonia, and in 2019, a versatile fuel station was opened in Jüri, near Tallinn, which was also the first public LNG gas station in the Baltics. This spring, Alexela plans to open an LNG and CNG station in Saku, near Tallinn. An LNG terminal is also being built in Kotka-Hamina port in Finland.

“Enhancing sustainable transport has always mattered to us,” said the firm’s CEO, Aivo Adamson. “It is clear that today, as climate problems are affecting hundreds of millions of people across the globe, companies and individuals must find possibilities for reducing their environmental footprint.

“The fact that we are the first ones supplying LBM in the domestic market is not arbitrary, but a result of long-term targeted action towards reducing the emissions of the transport sector.”

Alexela uses the fuel primarily to supply its own fleet. Adamson emphasised the importance of finding sustainable transport solutions in the context of the wider climate crisis.

“Today, when climate issues are debated heavily, especially in the transport sector, we must find sustainable circular economy solutions and grab the bull by its horns by finding ways to reuse biological materials and food waste, including heavy-duty transport,” he said. “These are the resources that are already a part of carbon circulation.”

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