Airex Energy joins BDO Zone Strategic Alliance as tech partner

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Ecostrat has said that Airex Energy has joined the BDO Zone Strategic Alliance as a partner in the Technology Group. BDO Zone Strategic Alliance Partners include some of the leading companies in the bioenergy industry that help de-risk biobased project development in BDO Zones.

Yvan Guay, vice-president of business development, said: “Airex Energy is honoured to join the BDO Zone Initiative and contribute to investments in new biomass-based manufacturing plants. Our biomass carbonisation systems enable large-scale production of bio coal pellets, a clean and renewable alternative to coal used in industrial processes, as well as biochar needed to remove carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it for hundreds of years.”

Jordan Solomon, president of Ecostrat, said: “The BDO Zone Initiative welcomes Airex Energy as the newest technology partner in the growing BDO Zone Strategic Alliance. The addition of Airex and its innovative technology will provide project developers the capacity to harness proven and cost-effective systems to help decarbonise the environment.”

American biomass provides an economic development engine with the potential to create 160,000 jobs and nearly $15 billion of economic benefit. In Canada, national economic impact potential is estimated at 16,060 direct, indirect, and induced jobs and over $1.48 billion annually of economic benefit. 

The BDO Zone Initiative can help North America realise this potential by supporting new market development for bioenergy, advanced biofuels, biobased heat and power, biomaterials, and clean hydrogen.


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