Air Liquide celebrates first year of operations at US biomethane plant

French multinational gas company Air Liquide is celebrating the first year of operations at its biomethane plant in Mississippi, US.

In 2018, Air Liquide opened its first large-scale biomethane production plant in the town of Walnut. In the same year, the company also announced it had doubled its global biomethane production capacity. The Mississippi plant receives 350,000 metric tonnes of waste annually, allowing it to inject enough biomethane into the local network to heat 4,500 homes.

The plant works by purifying household waste gases provided by the landfill. It converts the waste into renewable gas that is reintroduced to the grid to provide greener energy to the community.

Air Liquide’s technologies convert biogas into biomethane for the production of clean fuel, as a substitute for natural gas and carbon-free hydrogen production. In the US, biomethane is mainly produced by landfills, whereas in Europe it mainly comes from agricultural biomass.


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