AIMPERA funding to help scale Novilla RNG’s operations

AIMPERA has completed a major equity investment in Novilla Investment Holdings to scale Novilla RNG’s operations in the US.

Novilla RNG is a developer, owner and operator of RNG production facilities, specialising in pipeline-quality RNG from dairy manure. The firm is led by co-CEOs Mark Hill and Jared Williams, who have over 24 years of combined experience in dairy RNG and landfill gas. Novilla RNG’s relationship with private investment firm AIMPERA, combined with its operating expertise, will allow it to deliver and scale projects working with US dairy farmers.

“Novilla RNG was founded to partner with farmers to help them enhance their environmental sustainability while potentially providing a new source of revenue to enable growth,” said Mark Hill, co-CEO. “We believe that our extensive operating experience makes Novilla RNG an ideal partner for American dairy farmers.”

Williams added: “RNG produced from dairy manure can have a meaningful impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to its negative carbon footprint. RNG from our projects intends to support the decarbonisation of certain sectors including municipal, commercial and industrial vehicular transportation.”

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