Agri-Cycle announces food waste AD partnership in Vermont

Agri-Cycle (ACE) has announced a new food waste recycling partnership with the Greater Upper Valley (GUV) Solid Waste Management District in Vermont.

ACE currently provides food scrap recycling for several Vermont businesses, including supermarket chain Hannaford, and is seeking to work with more. Its operations include plans to manage the compost site at the GUV Solid Waste Management District’s organics recycling facility in North Hartland.

“As the new operator of both facilities, Agri-Cycle will be able to manage liquids, packaged and non-packaged food waste,” said Tom Kennedy, manager of the GUV Solid Waste Management District.

“These materials will be processed to either create soil at our compost facility or to create electricity through anaerobic digestion, making the facility in North Hartland the first fully integrated organic facility in Vermont.”

ACE launched operations in 2013, partnering to support sister company Exeter Agri-Energy, an offshoot of Stonyvale Farm –a fifth-generation dairy farm in Exeter, Maine.

The firm operates throughout New England and works with digesters throughout the region, including the new digester at Goodrich Farm in Salisbury. The company powers around 2,500 homes annually and grows thousands of acres of organic fertiliser.

ACE has years of expertise focused on designing a ‘clean, dependable’ programme to suit its customers’ varied needs. The company’s Packaged Food Waste programme – for example, mouldy bread loaves in bags and rotten vegetables in plastic netting – increases the tonnage of food waste kept out of Vermont’s only landfill.

Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation estimated that 80,000 tonnes of food scraps are disposed of annually in the state – an estimated 30,000 tons of that (38%) is packaged.

ACE works closely with food banks and food pantries to redistribute as much usable food as possible before converting the remainder into renewable energy, fertiliser, and animal bedding.

George Parmenter, brand lead health and sustainability director at Hannaford, commented: “Agri-Cycle has been an instrumental partner in Hannaford achieving zero food waste to landfill in Vermont and across our footprint.

“Having a partner whose sole focus is food waste has been crucial in helping us accomplish this sustainability goal. Agri-Cycle truly focused on highest use, educating our associates, and keeping things local.”

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