Agreement signed to build rice straw to biogas plant in China

A new joint venture has been agreed to construct a ‘highly advanced’ biogas plant in Huai’an, China.

HoSt Bioenergy Installations and CPCEP Bio-Energy signed the agreement earlier this week to establish a strategic partnership for building the facility. The contract will see HoSt supply its first biogas plant in China.

“The signing of these contracts represents another major milestone for HoSt in the bioenergy market. This new joint venture strengthens our global position,” said HoSt director Marcel te Braak. The contract was signed in Beijing by te Braak and CPCEP CEO Yunfeng Bai.


Rice straw

Once completed, the new facility will produce biogas from rice straw. The produced biogas will be updated to biomethane and then compressed to CNG (compressed natural gas) as a renewable replacement for natural gas.

“Anaerobic digestion and converting biogas to fuel is an important development for the future of China,” stated Yunfeng Bai.

HoSt and CPCEP are aiming for the Huai’an facility produce its first gas before the end of this year.

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