AGP makes big biogas plans

Farmer-owned cooperative AG Processing’s (AGP) ethanol producing facility located in Hastings, Nebraska, US, has received a $275,000 (€226,000) grant from the Nebraska Energy Office.

Combined with $50,000 of the company’s own funds the grant is expected to go towards reducing the amount of natural gas used at the site.

Following the transformation of its anaerobic wastewater digester used to operate the ethanol plant, the grant money will be used to capture methane gas and transfer it to a regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO). This means the RTO will soon be switching from utilising natural gas to methane, reducing pollution.

In similar news the company recently confirmed expansion plans for its Port of Grays Harbor facility in Aberdeen, Washington. Due to begin construction in autumn this year AGP will build a new handling and storage facility adjacent to its existing trans-loading facility. It is expected that the multi-million dollar project will be completed sometime in the beginning of 2012.

‘In addition to strengthening AGP’s cooperative processing platform, the expanded facility will provide additional market destinations for our members’ corn and soyabeans,’ said AGP’s president and chairman of the board Brad Davis.

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