Aggreko, EVA Energia sign seven-year contract for landfill gas project

Aggreko has signed a seven-year contract with Brazilian energy firm EVA Energia for a 10 MW renewable power solution using landfill gas.

Aggreko will deliver a complete system, producing power from biogas derived from two locations; Seropédica (Rio de Janeiro State), the largest landfill site in Latin America, and Mauá (São Paulo State).

The project will provide a flexible, fast, and cost-efficient way of delivering cleaner energy for around 40,000 households in the region, achieving a carbon saving of more than 100,000 tons over the seven years. The total amount of methane emissions avoided will be 24,440,400 Nm3 annually.

The biogas will be recovered via a series of wells drilled into the landfill. These wells are connected by a pipe system, which collects the gas and transports it to a compression system, where it is filtered, de-watered, and pressurised. From there, the gas is piped to a power generation facility where it used as fuel to generate electricity, before being passed on to local homes.

Pablo Varela, managing director at Aggreko Latin America, said: “As the third-largest source of anthropogenic methane emissions in the world, landfill biogas is an underutilised resource for power generation.

“As the energy transition continues to gather pace, we know that our customers are increasingly looking for sustainable but simultaneously flexible power stations that help them drive efficiencies, while also supporting their carbon reduction targets.

“Landfill gas is ideal to support the delivery of these goals and our power solutions help customers around the world to benefit from this fuel.”

The Seropédica landfill has a capacity of up to 10,000 tons of waste per day, with the Mauá site in São Paolo state receiving more than 3,000 tons per day. Combined, the sites have the potential to produce 73 m3 of biogas annually, preventing harmful CO2 and methane emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Aggreko will deploy a turnkey solution, comprising eight 1.25 MW generators across the two sites, providing a total of 10 MW of power. The systems will be managed by Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring software, meaning trained engineers will control and maintain the performance of the gas generators remotely. Aggreko will be responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the system for the contract’s duration.

“At Aggreko, we have optimised our generators so they can run efficiently on future fuels like biogas,” added Varela, “with this providing a cost effective and less carbon-intensive alternative to thermal fuels.

“For Seropédica and Mauá, our team will work alongside EVA Energia to use the gas produced by the landfill site, which will be used to power homes and businesses in the surrounding area.”

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