Ag-Grid Energy breaks ground on fourth CT biogas project

Ag-Grid Energy has broken ground on its fourth biogas-to-electricity project in Connecticut.

Hytone Ag-Grid, in partnership with Hytone Farms, would be Ag-Grid’s fourth dairy digester in the north-eastern US and will begin construction in March. The facility will be operational this autumn and will produce around 4.5 million kWh of renewable electricity annually, derived from manure and food waste.

The renewable electricity produced from the project will be used by the City of New Britain, where Mayor Erin Stewart and manager of facilities and energy, Jon Delgadillo, have supported both of Ag-Grid’s projects with virtual net metering contracts.

Ag-Grid is contributing towards renewable energy goals as well as food waste diversion goals as the State of Connecticut makes prepares to shut down older incinerators. In July, the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority’s (MIRA) 30-year-old waste incinerator in Hartford will close and an estimated 700,000 tons of waste will be transferred to landfills out of state.

Every year, the state generates around half a million tons of food waste, a lot of which goes into traditional waste streams like Hartford’s MIRA facility.

Projects by Ag-Grid are positioned to receive liquid food waste and expansion plans are in place to add depackaging at the Connecticut facilities in Coventry and Thompson to support the state as the incineration facility shuts down.

Rashi Akki, CEO of Ag-Grid Energy, commented: “Ag-Grid Energy’s strategic partnerships with various food waste providers, Live Oak Bank, regulatory bodies such as the US Department of Agriculture and CT DEEP, as well as Martin Construction Resource as our EPC provider, has been crucial in developing Hytone Ag-Grid, our fourth biogas-to-electricity project.

“We continue to expand to dairies across the US and move towards adding biogas to RNG projects to our portfolio.”

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