African biogas programme to spend big

It has been reported the Tanzania domestic Biogas Programme (TDBP) is to spend $21 million (€16.1 million) to create an infrastructure supporting new 50 enterprises.

In a statement TDBP said the project is being worked with the Centre for Agriculture Mechanisation and Rural Technology and is a component of the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme, funded by the Netherlands government.

TDBP began in 2009 and will be in effect until at least 2015, having overseen the construction of 6,000 biogas systems to date.

‘Over 12,000 biogas plants are expected to be constructed through us,’ TDBP co-ordinator Lehand Shilla was quoted as saying. ‘We expect more countries to benefit other than Tanzania, including Uganda, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso.’  

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