Africa for Energy

QUBE Renewables discusses a recent project in Kenya, helping a local flower farm to generate biogas from its waste.

The World Energy Council assesses the World Energy Trilemma Index. This is an annual measurement of national energy system performances across three dimensions: energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability. Although Kenya’s trilemma performance shows significant improvement over the last decade, it is let down by poor access to clean cooking facilities.

It is estimated that 500 million people living in Sub-Saharan Africa rely on solid forms of biomass to meet basic energy needs for cooking, heating and lighting. Such traditional fuels produce dangerous emissions, are inefficient energy carriers, and are not sustainable in terms of extraction. Biogas technology can serve as a means to overcome this problem by utilising organic waste streams to generate valuable by-products. Biogas can be used for clean cooking, electricity generation or vehicle fuel, and a rich fertiliser.

Agricultural waste in Sub- Saharan Africa has significant untapped potential for biogas production....

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