Africa and Asia command high profile COP26 attention

Funding is being made available in Africa and Asia; the challenge for bioenergy producers will be to extract a fair share of funding and resources.

Assessing the current state of bioenergy plans, prospects and progress across Africa and Asia during the early days of COP26 certainly concentrated the mind.

The world’s attention on climate change mitigation became increasingly intense heading into the Glasgow 2021 event, six years on from the negotiation of the Paris Agreement with its long-term goal of keeping the rise in mean global temperatures to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. The impact of COVID-19, which delayed COP26 by 12 months, undoubtedly added to pre-event anticipation, not least in Africa and Asia, where huge investments will be needed to comply with the next COP agreement, when it emerges on or around 12 November.

Taking a positive perspective, the impact of the pandemic has shown that countries and continents can no longer opt for an isolationist stance on either global health threats or climate change. Looking at bioenergy prospects in Africa and Asia in such a context, therefore,...

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