AEG starts producing CoalSwitch at Ashland facility

Production of CoalSwitch™ pellets at Active Energy Group’s (AEG) Ashland, Maine facility has begun.

AEG, based in London, announced on 2 June that the five-tonne per hour production facility is now producing the CoalSwitch pellets, formed of locally-sourced residual biomass, including bark and treetops/branches, which burn at temperatures nearly identical to coal.

Deliveries of the first CoalSwitch fuel to PacifiCorp’s Hunter Valley power plant will commence this week for use in its testing programme, which has been scheduled for the week commencing 14 June. The CoalSwitch production by the Ashland facility is part of the joint venture (JV) between AEG and Player Design.

The Ashland plant has been granted an initial permit to produce 1,000 tons of CoalSwitch, to be produced by no later than 31 July. Emissions data from the initial production will be supplied to the state of Maine for its analysis. The JV will then apply to the state to extend the terms of the permit to enable the Ashland facility to expand production to 35,000 tons of CoalSwitch per year.

“We are delighted to have successfully commissioned the Ashland facility and to have begun production of CoalSwitch,” said Michael Rowan, CEO of AEG. “This is part of AEG’s plan to have two operational CoalSwitch plants on the east coast of the US during 2021.

“I would like to thank all involved for their support in recent weeks, notably the State of Maine and the engineering team at Player Design. We will now proceed to deliver CoalSwitch to PacificCorp on time and accelerate the CoalSwitch fuel testing programme.”

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