AEBIOM elects new leaders, president continues further term

The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM), a non-profit bioenergy representative, has selected its new president and vice president.

At AEBIOM’s latest general assembly, Gustav Melin (SVEBIO, Sweden) was elected as AEBIOM president for one further term.

Following his election, Melin gave statement in which he hoped for positive results from the COP21 climate summit in Paris.

‘Following a hopefully successful outcome of COP21 in Paris and a climate agreement, we must move forward and substitute fossil fuels with renewable energy. Biomass, already representing 60% of renewables’ final energy consumption, has and will play a central role in Europe. A fair price on carbon emissions will help moving the markets and reducing emissions,’ said Melin.

Didzis Palejs (LATBIO, Latvia) was elected as VP for the first time.

‘Unity is a force in itself. Therefore I will dedicate my term to unite the bioenergy sector and to strengthen the solidarity among its players,’ Palejs said.

AEBIOM also elected eight new Board members that reflect the current diversity of the European bioenergy sector: Petar Curic (Croatian Chamber of Economy), Vanja Curin (BABH, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Martin Lindell (Sveaskog, Sweden), Annalisa Paniz (AIEL, Italy), Ilias Papageorgiadis (ARBIO, Romania), Pablo Rodero (AVEBIOM, Spain), Hannes Tuohiniitty (Bioenergia, Finland), and Matthew Willey (Drax, UK).

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