Aebiom and other green trade bodies issue joint position papers on the role of electricity in the heating sector

The European Biomass Association (Aebiom), the European Geothermal Association (EGEC) and the European Solar Thermal Association (ESTIF), release joint position papers on the electrification of heating and cooling and the link between the primary energy factor (PEF) and eco-design/energy labelling regulations.

The main aim of the paper is to present the position on the role of electricity in the heating sector.

Massive and wild electrification of the heat sector is not a solution and is the result of a wrong market design which will lead to overcapacity and inefficiencies, according to the main conclusion in the paper.

The paper also states: “The heating sector should not only be seen as a way to solve those overcapacities, in order to keep alive utilities’ dirtiest assets on the grids. The European energy system has to be seen as a whole and cleverly thought, and clear priorities must be set.

“First, we need to reduce our energy demand in the power, heat and transport sectors. Second, we need to use all available renewable sources of energy for heat and electricity production. Third, and only third, have an energy system approach and interconnect electricity, heating and transport sectors. As our main target is the gradual but steady elimination of fossil fuels from our energy mix, all clean and sustainable options will have a role to play. Therefore, the fuel switch for heating purposes should be covered by the best fitting options: renewable heating sources of energy.”

This story was written by Liz Gyekye, editor of Bioenergy Insight.

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