ADBA to launch best practice scheme

ADBA will launch the pilot of a pioneering new scheme to improve the environmental, operational and safety performance of the AD industry this week (5-6 July) at its global tradeshow UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo 2017.

The UK-based organisation has also announced a new partnership with insurance brokers Jelf Group to reward AD operators certifying under the scheme. 

ADBA’s best practice scheme aims to support operators of AD plants to meet the highest environmental, health and safety, and operational standards. ADBA has worked with a range of industry partners to develop the pilot for the scheme, including a steering group made up of representatives from trade associations, professional bodies and the insurance sector, alongside key regulators, to help guide the scheme’s delivery.

The first stage in this process was the publication last year of three checklists on risk management, procurement, and operational performance setting out how to achieve best practice in key aspects of operating AD plants and highlighting existing tools, guidance and legislation. Following this, the pilot scheme was developed.

‘The next stage’

Once the pilot scheme has been tested over the next few weeks, the next stage will be to develop a voluntary certification scheme that defines best practice and enables AD plants to be recognised as meeting it. A certification process is essential in ensuring that regulators, insurers and investors have confidence in the scheme, allowing the industry to realise the full range of potential financial and regulatory benefits of signing up.

The scheme pilot will be launched by ADBA environment & regulation manager Jess Allan at a panel session at UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo 2017, which is being jointly organised by ADBA and the World Biogas Association.

The panel session will also feature contributions from project management and engineering consultancy GOALS, insurance broker Jelf Group, malt supplier and AD plant operator Muntons, and the Environment Agency, all of whom have been involved in the scheme’s development. A range of AD operators will take part in the pilot to give a full picture of how the proposed certification process will work and identify improvements for the launch of the full scheme later this year.

Charlotte Morton, ADBA chief executive, said: “ADBA is leading the way in working with the AD industry to improve performance and our Best Practice Scheme is a shining example of this, being the most comprehensive scheme of its type in the world. Improving the reputation of the AD industry will help foster a positive relationship with regulators, local communities, and policy-makers, and will allow AD operators to benefit from improved performance and reduced risk.

 “We’re delighted to have had such great support and willingness to share knowledge and experience from industry partners. We’re now looking forward to putting our hard work into practice and ensuring operators who participate receive tangible benefits such as reduced regulatory fees, lighter touch by regulators, and access to better financing deals. ADBA’s exciting new partnership with Jelf Group in particular will ensure that AD operators participating in the scheme benefit from improved cover and lower-cost insurance.”

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