ADBA speaks about RHI

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference on 5 October 2010, cabinet officer minister Oliver Letwin said that his government’s ‘incentive for renewable heat will give us a huge expansion of anaerobic digestion, enabling us to produce huge supplies of home-produced, low carbon gas.’

And while the chairman of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) Lord Redesdale welcomed the government’s commitment, he also explained that the RHI needs to be set at a level that would fully stimulate the industry.

Redesdale said: ‘Oliver Letwin’s words of support for AD are welcome, as is his statement to stimulate expansion in the industry. However the level of the RHI must be higher than that proposed in the government’s consultation – this fell short even of parity with the Feed In Tariff, which official figures show has so far failed to stimulate new construction,’ he said.

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