ADBA: Green gas vital to UK carbon abatement

The UK government’s revised green gas strategy could place anaerobic digestion at the heart of UK carbon abatement efforts in the wake of the Paris climate agreement, Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) says.

ADBA says in a statement that this ‘historic commitment’ to limiting the amount of greenhouse gas emissions should prove to be more than just a photo opportunity for world leaders and calls for prime minister David Cameron to assess the UK government’s ability to cut the country’s emissions.

‘With the Renewable Heat Incentive budget commitment, AD can now deliver a third of the additional 20TWh renewable heat required by 2020 to meet the government’s 12% target,’ says ADBA CEO Charlotte Morton.

‘But this is only a fraction of the overall carbon abatement value that AD possesses. By reducing carbon emissions from alternative fossil fuel energy sources, rotting manures, landfilled food waste, and artificial fertilisers, AD’s vital role in decarbonising electricity, heat, farming, and transport alone could reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 4%,’ Morton continues. 

ADBA argues that by acting with renewed support under the feed-in tariff, the UK government could reverse the collapse in investor certainty which will see deployment in additional AD electrical capacity beyond 2016 collapse to negligible levels.  

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