ADBA certification for Adapt Biogas Murrow plant

The Adapt Biogas anaerobic digestion (AD) site at Murrow in Cambridgeshire has just been accredited under the Anaerobic Digestion Certification Scheme (ADCS).

ADCS is a best practice scheme managed by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) to recognise the all-round safety, environmental and operational performance of AD plants.

The Murrow site is an agricultural AD plant, that produces renewable energy for export into the national transmission system at a high pressure of maximum 75 bar. The first AD plant in the UK to do this, it has the potential to inject as much as 15,000 standard cubic metres of biomethane per hour (scmh).

Currently housing six digesters, the plant is set up to achieve biomethane exports of 900 scmh. It also produces electricity from two 250kWh biogas CHP units. In addition to powering the site infrastructure, this electricity is exported to the network. The plant uses cattle-manure feedstock, alongside outgrade fruit and vegetable, dairy slurry and a small amount of purpose grown energy crops. In total, the site processes approximately 115,000 tonnes of feedstock per year.

"We are extremely pleased to have gained verification of our standards and systems across the business,” said Sophie Swan, operations manager at Adapt Biogas. “We have lots of exciting plans for future development at our site at Murrow and ensuring continuing improvements across our operations has always been of high priority.  Gaining this certification is a credit to the excellent team we have in place, who are fully committed to driving the business forward."

“The business is striving for a circular economy approach and achieves this by incorporating a cattle farm and transport business into our portfolio,” continues Sophie. “This means that we are able to produce feedstock independently, as well as integrate haulage of feedstock and spreading of digestate into our daily operations”.

In addition to Murrow, Adapt Biogas have a newly-constructed AD plant at Evercreech, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, which is due to be commissioned later this year. This fast-developing site will be utilising food waste feedstock and will play a big part in decreasing the volume of business food waste currently being sent to landfill.


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