Adage signs first fuel-supply contract

In Mason County, US, biopower joint venture Adage has signed its first fuel-supply contract.

The company is currently developing a $250 million (€194.9 million) plant in Shelton and now the largest private timberland owner in Mason County – Green Diamond Resource – will provide an estimated 20% of Adage’s yearly 604,000-tonne wood supply.

The plant is expected to take two-and-a-half years to build, during which 400 jobs will be created. When construction has finished 24 new staff will be required to work in the plant plus a further 100 supplying to facility.

The president at Adage Reed Wills commented: ‘We are a key step closer to delivering the jobs and renewable energy potential of forest energy in Mason County.’

According to Adage spokesperson Tom DePonty, Green Diamond will provide the plant with feedstock such as waste left over from logging operations.

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