Adage puts biomass plant on hold

A plant proposed for the city of Gretna, Florida, US, has been suspended for a period of six months.

The proposal was filed by Adage and the company has requested for the state Department of Environmental Protection to delay working on its application. Work has halted work on the Gretna project.

Proposal for the refinery was submitted in December 2009 but received negative reactions from over 200 locals at a public meeting held in February of this year. because it was believed the plant would significantly increase air pollution.

Officials claimed that the controversial $250 million (€181.8 million) biomass refinery would provide the local community with 125 jobs and pump millions of dollars into the local economy.

Gretna city manager Antonio Jefferson said: ‘I don’t think (the project) is dead. More than anything, a number of people I our community have grown concerned about the information distributed by those opposed to the project. We want to make sure our citizens are well-informed.’

Adage’s director of public affairs Tom DePonty said: ‘We still think Gretna is a very attractive area for a sustainable biomass energy plant and we’ll continue to study our options.’

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