AD plant ready for Washington

In Washington state, US, renewable energy company Farm Power Northwest has started work on the build of its second anaerobic digestion project, which is being constructed by Washington-based Andgar Corp.

Due to be completed by the end of 2010 the plant has the capacity to generate 750kW of electricity each year from cow manure. This is enough to benefit roughly 500 households.

‘Our goal is to build regional digesters that serve multiple farms, thus making the manure-to-energy technology and benefits available to those who would be unable to build and maintain a digester on their own,’ said Kevin Maas, co-founder of Farm Power Northwest.

Farm Power is receiving support for the project in the form of a $1 million (€800,000) grant from the Washington State Energy Program and a further $500,000 from the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development grant programme. The company has a $2.4 million loan from Shorebank Pacific.

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