AD helping to grow organics recycling sector

According to a new survey published by WRAP, anaerobic digestion (AD) is driving forward to UK organics recycling industry.

The study – ASORI – shows the number of operational AD sites grew during 2012 and the total input of organic waste processed via AD rose to 1.69 million tonnes last year. WRAP said over 50% of those sites surveyed have come online since the last survey was carried out, which covered 2010.

The research also shows that the largest source of non-agricultural feedstock to AD is food waste, around a third of which comes from local collections.

'It's really positive to see continued growth across the sector,' comments Ian Wardle, head of organics and energy at WRAP. 'The report highlights some great things for the industry particularly around continued growth, improved quality and opportunities to generate higher revenue.'

The report was commissioned by WRAP, working in partnership with the Organics Recycling Group, the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association, the Renewable Energy Association and the Environmental Services Association.

In addition, WRAP has also launched a new £3 million (€3.5 million) scheme to help farmers develop on-site AD plants. Under this initiative, farmers will be able to apply for £400,000 or less in financial support from the AD Loan Fund. The scheme, aimed at making renewable energy more viable, will be rolled out from early next year.

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