AD Down Under

Delorean Corporation aims to be recognised as Australia and New Zealand’s leading emerging renewable energy generator and retailer. Here, the company speaks to Bioenergy Insight about its AD plans.

Operating in two of Australia’s highest growth industries — renewable energy and waste management — Delorean Corporation has its sights firmly set on anaerobic digestion (AD).

While the AD industry is well established in Europe, it is still in the early stages of development in Australia. Now, with Delorean’s help, the industry is set to take some big leaps in the coming years.

In October last year, construction began on a Delorean project in the agricultural area of Stanhope, co-located at Waranga Green Energy’s (WGE) piggery. The plant, known as VIC1, will receive local organic food waste and agricultural waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill and process it to create renewable energy.

“We were originally working with the landowner, John Bourke of WGE in the capacity of technology and construction provider,” Joe Oliver, managing director of Delorean told Bioenergy...

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