Active Energy Group unveils biomass fuel granule technology

AEG Pelleting (AEGP), a newly incorporated subsidiary of pellet supplier Active Energy Group, has unveiled a biomass fuel granulated solution.

Using a newly developed pilot plant in Belfast, the granulation system has successfully converted industrial/agricultural by-products, including sawdust, into high value biomass fuel granules suitable for use in micro combined heat and power (CHP) commercial and residential boilers and large-scale power plants.

The granulation process has been developed over the past 12 years by two British inventors, John Gilbert and John Webster, working in associated with Queens University Belfast. The two inventors have recently entered into an exclusive global licensing and partnership agreement with the company, the terms of which include the development and of the technology from pilot plant stage to full commercialisation.

AEGP's system transforms sawdust into valuable biomass for energy fuel granules for use in power plants and micro CHP boilers, a market that AEGP's parent company, Active Energy Group, currently addresses via its European woodchip operations.

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