Active Energy awarded new US patent for CoalSwitch process

Active Energy Group (AEG) has been awarded a new US patent for its CoalSwitch™ process and the beneficiation of biomass.

The patent, number 10,858,607, was awarded to the UK biomass-based renewable energy and forestry firm on 8 December and will ensure the company holds the legal rights to exclude any other company from producing, selling or using the claimed CoalSwitch process for over 17 years.

The proprietary CoalSwitch process includes subjecting steam-exploded biomass to a second washing step to remove additional salts and light volatile compounds derived from the biomass.

AEG’s new patent combines with the US patent, number 10,647,935, which was awarded for its PeatSwitch technology on 12 May. The PeatSwitch™ patent gives the firm the exclusive rights over the process of producing engineered soil from raw biomass in its unique reactor.

Michael Rowan, CEO of AEG, said: “CoalSwitch has significant market potential and is unique given the distinct and highly beneficial differences between its processes and other biomass beneficiation methods.

“The value driver is in the pre-treatment and post-treatment processes that effectively remove most of the soluble mineral contaminants. These patent awards underline the important commercial opportunities for CoalSwitch. We look forward to continuing to develop the patent portfolio for AEG.”

AEG continues to file further patent applications in the US and will follow each of these with additional filings in Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, and Europe.

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