ABC reveals eight fastest-growing biogas firms in the US

The American Biogas Council (ABC) has announced the eight fastest-growing biogas businesses in the US - DMT, Envitec Biogas, Greenlane Biogas, Nacelle, DVO, Inc, Evonik, Paques Environmental Technologies, and PlanET Biogas.

Results were determined by gross revenue growth from 2019 to 2020. Collectively, revenue from the fastest eight grew by more than 300%.

“Biogas industry growth has been driven recently by a couple of strong policies plus the desire to decarbonise our gas sector, reduce agriculture emissions, and provide reliable renewable energy,” said Bernard Sheff, PE, chair of the ABC’s board of directors.

“But we will see even stronger growth when, as a society, we recognise the imperative to recycle our organic waste. Biogas systems can do something that fossil fuels, wind, and solar can’t – reduce landfill waste by recycling all the organic waste that makes up one-quarter to one-third of all refuse.”

Currently, the US biogas industry has 2,200 operating projects in all 50 states. Because each year, the US generates millions of tons of manure, agricultural waste and food scraps, plus billions of gallons of wastewater every day, the potential to build new biogas systems to manage those large volumes of organic waste is ‘enormous’, according to the ABC.

At least 15,000 new systems could be built, catalysing an estimated $45 billion (€37.7 billion) in new capital deployment along with 374,000 short-term construction jobs to build the new systems, and 25,000 permanent jobs to operate them. The ABC said this number of systems could produce enough energy to power 7.5 million US homes and reduce emissions equivalent to removing up to 15.4 million passenger vehicles from the road.

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