Abandoned biogas plant site catches fire

An abandoned biogas plant site in Margao, India which caught fire was being used as a dump yard for thermocol and styrofoam fish crates, local news outlet Herald reports.

The biogas plant site was previously owned by the South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SFPDA).

The dump caught fire for an undisclosed reason and within 15 minutes, had disintegrated the eight feet tall stack of thermocol crates.

Local shopkeepers and bystanders volunteered to assist with putting out the flames before government sanctioned firefighters arrived and extinguished the rest.

SGDPA member secretary Ashok Kumar told Herald that he was not aware that the biogas site was being used to store thermocol crates.

According to the report, he blamed both the SGDPA and the Margao Municipality for turning a blind eye to such hazards.

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