A new decade of rapid growth for Canadian biogas

Canada is now home to more than 270 biogas plants. Here, the Canadian Biogas Association delves into the reasons behind the industry’s impressive growth.

After a record-setting decade that saw the number of biogas projects in Canada grow by nearly 50%, Canada’s biogas sector is bracing for another decade of rapid growth.

The torrid pace of 2011- 2020 has resulted in now more than 270 biogas projects operating across Canada. These projects are producing reliable and clean energy for communities, farms, homes and businesses. How much energy exactly? The Canadian Biogas Association’s Canadian 2020 Biogas Market Report found that in 2020, the Canadian biogas sector produced 6 million gigajoules (GJ) of energy through RNG, 260 Nm3 of biogas for heat and direct use, and 196 MW of clean electricity capacity. Put together, that’s the equivalent of roughly 400,000,000 m2 of solar panels or more than 13 large hydro dams. Plus, there’s more coming online soon.

Research shows there is room for significant growth. Canada is only tapping into 13% of its easily accessible biogas potential, meaning that...

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