A look inside Superior Pellet Mills

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Patrick Pozzi, managing partner at Superior Pellet Mills, tells Bioenergy Insight about the company’s revamping, an altered business strategy and how the US government could provide thought-through subsidy programmes for smaller companies.
Superior Pellet Mills is based in Montana in the US, at a site that had previously been run by Eureka Pellet Mills — which started in 1988, and was the first pellet mill in the North West US, according to Pozzi.
“As the market changed in 2012-2015, [Eureka] really struggled to keep lumber mills and pellet mills running, so they slowly sold out of them. My business partner and I got into it and started Superior Pellet Mills. We cannibalised the two Eureka Mill locations to one in the town of Superior, Montana,” he told Bioenergy Insight.
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The Superior site was chosen for its location — it is situated right next to a Bark plant, a producer of big landscape products, which is another company Superior is affiliated with. There is a scale house for weighing trucks, a rail spur and it is close to the Interstate 90 Highway, which links Seattle to Boston.
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