A look at customised drying solutions

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Maarten Holtkamp, commercial director at Tema Process BV, told Bioenergy Insight about the unique drying solutions the company offers.
On learning that Tema Process is developing a drying solution for VTTI, the storage provider for energy and other essential products, Bioenergy Insight was keen to hear more about the project’s background and what it entails. Holtkamp said the project aims to produce high-quality bio-fertiliser by drying the digestate obtained from VTTI’s anaerobic digestion (AD) process.
“VTTI was looking for the most effective way to dry their digestate to produce a high quality fertiliser,” he said.
Tema Process proposed a customised solution that utilises its advanced fluid bed drying technology to dry the digestate, with technology developed in the past decade that has aready been implemented at over 10 installations in Belgium and the Netherlands.
“The project is progressing well, and we are working closely with VTTI to ensure that the solution meets their specific requirements. We have already completed the engineering and manufacturing phase and are about to start installation. Completion is expected in Q1...

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