A bright future for carbon capture

O.C.O Technology has teamed up with Tilbury Green Power to recycle air pollution control residues at its biomass facility in London.

Carbon capture specialist O.C.O Technology has secured a five-year contract to recycle the air pollution control residues (APCr) from the renewable energy facility operated by Tilbury Green Power (TGP).

The contract marks a major step forward towards the circular economy, as not only does O.C.O’s accelerated carbonation technology offer a viable recycling alternative to sending the waste to landfill, it also produces a highly-sought after product in the shape of the world’s first lightweight carbon-negative aggregate.

Currently recycling around 30% of the UK’s energy-from- waste (EfW) APCr arisings, O.C.O Technology is a major global player in the field of permanent carbon capture from a commercialised process.

Headquartered in Suffolk, with additional operations in Leeds and Avonmouth, O.C.O utilises an award-winning process known as Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT).

This uses waste carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to treat the APCr...

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