€87.7 million to be invested in African biogas project

According to local news outlet The Herald, Harare City Council is going to revive the Mbare biogas project as the city attempts to become smarter and greener. A new investor is required for the construction of the proposed $100 million (€87.7 million) waste-to-energy plant at the Pomona Dumpsite in Zimbabwe.

Kudzai Kadzombe, Harare’s Environment Management Committee chairperson told The Herald that using waste to create energy is a good decision due to the environmental consequences that unsustainable waste management can be.

She also added that, aside from the Mbare biogas project, “we also tasked the town clerk to seek new partners for the Pomona waste-to energy project after the deal we had clinched collapsed following the expiry of the tender while it was still before the then State Procurement Board (SPB).”

The Harare City Council expects the Mbare biogas project to solve the garbage problem in the suburb. The project is a culmination of a partnership between Harare City Council and Synlak Investment and has cost an estimated €450,000.

Synlak Investment is the primary contractor for the project, which is anticipated to produce 100 kilovolt-amps (KVA). The majority of funds will be sourced from the European Union (EU), according to the report.

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