8 out of 14 biogas plants ‘dysfunctional’ in Indian city

Most community biogas plants in Thiruvananthapuram are ‘dysfunctional’, according to an article from the Times of India.

Eight out of 14 biogas plants in the city are currently not operational, according to a newly released report from the city’s health committee. The report also claims that the city’s corporation has failed to frame annual maintenance contracts with any of the 14 companies that installed the biogas plants.

The community biogas plants in question are set up in markets, schools and other public spots, according to the Times of India article.

A number of issues have taken the eight biogas plants out of action. For instance, the Times of India points out that the community biogas plant at Peroorkada is out of action due to a damaged pulveriser.

At Kazhakkoottam, a plant with the capacity to process 1,500 kg per day was rendered dysfunctional due to overloading, while a biogas plant at Sreekanteswaram Park with a capacity to process 1,200 kg per day is unable to process waste because of a lack of sufficient quantity of waste.

A contractor working in the biogas sector told the Times of India that the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation were not enthusiastic about maintaining the plants. "At the time of installation, operation and maintenance are covered for a mandatory period of two years, after that period, no one has cared either to renew the contract or to make sure that the plant is maintained properly," the contractor said.

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