75MW biomass power plant to be built in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture

Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) has announced that it has secured an order to build a 75MW biomass plant in Kanda City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

As part of the deal, SHI has established a joint enterprise Nippon Steel and Sumkin Engineering. The order for the biomass plant has come from Kanda Biomass Energy.

According to a statement from SHI, the primary feedstock for the plant will be wood pellets. A dedicated biomass combustion power plant, the facility will utilise a reheating system. In this system, the steam that expands inside a turbine is re-sent into the boiler. By reheating and re-sending the surplus steam into the steam turbine, ‘high-efficiency’ power generation is achieved.

The finished plant will use SHI’s circulating fluidised bed boiler technology.


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