$431,000 awarded to rural energy efficiency projects

A total of 9 rural businesses in the state of Maine, in the United States, are to receive almost $432,000 (€371,807) for their energy efficiency projects.

Republican Senate, Susan Collins and independent Angus King, say that the money from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Energy for America Program will be used to purchased, construct and install solar panels or mechanisms to convert wood into pellets.

Both senators state that energy efficiency will be helping the chosen businesses save money, “increase competitiveness and reduce their environmental footprint.”

The largest sum of money to be granted will be of $200,000 (€172,093) and will be going to T&D Wood Energy, a wood pellet manufacturing facility in Sanford. The money will be used to construct mid-sized wood pellet mills.

Porchside Veterinary Care in Dresden will be using the $4,200 (€3,614) granted to them to purchase and install roof-mounted solar panels.

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