2G and PRODEVAL team up for biogas field development

With the aim of increasing the resilience of facilities to energy price fluctuations, 2G Energy and PRODEVAL have teamed up.

They said of the union: "This partnership will allow biogas upgrading operators to sustain their units while reducing biomethane carbon footprint. Producing virtuously the renewable energy of tomorrow."

The partnership aims to reduce biomethane carbon intensity and simultaneously increase energetic resilience of their customers' units.

Explaining the concept, they said: "Co-generation produces both electricity and heat. This way, the electricity is either self-consumed on-site or is directly injected into the power network. The heat produced is then be used to heat up, cool down or create steam.

"Thus, the heat from power generation isn’t unnecessarily released into the atmosphere, as large power plants do, but instead is recovered for practical uses. This explains why co-generation systems are cost effective, while lessening the impact on global climate. This helps to save more than 40 percent of primary energy. CO2 emissions are then scaled down to 60 percent in comparison to traditional power production."

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