2021 Outlook – “Utilities are anxious to add RNG to their pipelines”

By John Hanselman, co-founder, chairman and CEO, Vanguard Renewables.

The US has built its historic strength in large part from the efforts of our remarkable farming community. I am privileged to work with farmers every day, and I see their commitment to feeding the US and to being the best stewards of the land that they harvest. We at Vanguard Renewables have spent the last eight years trying to build a new model for how the US can work with farmers to heal and replenish the earth. As lofty as those goals sound, it really comes down to proving to the corporate world that by taking some very simple and executable steps, unusable food waste can be converted to renewable energy and low-carbon fertiliser.

As one of the largest recyclers of organics in the US, Vanguard Renewables was determined to bring this model to these innovators in the food industry to demonstrate how effective the solution could become. Our Farm Powered organics to renewable energy programme reduces GHG emissions, diverts food waste from landfills and incineration, generates renewable energy and low-carbon fertiliser, and helps support US farms. What has...

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