2021 Outlook – “Renewable gases will play an important role where full electrification is not achievable”

By Angela Sainz, communications manager at the European Biogas Association.

In 2021, the EBA will continue working to ensure the full deployment of renewable gases in Europe and facilitate the recognition of their positive effect on agriculture, waste handling, and the transition towards an efficient circular economy. The EU is leading the way towards climate-neutrality by 2050, underpinned by the Green Deal. This is one of the core initiatives of the current EU Executive and it has a direct impact on the current growth and development trends of the biogas and biomethane sectors.

Key EU policies for the sector in 2021

The European Green Deal requires a more efficient and interconnected energy sector with net zero GHG emissions. Although green electricity will be essential to reduce these emissions, renewable gases will play an important role in sectors where full electrification is not achievable, such as certain industrial uses, heating, and transport modes.

In transport, the Fuel EU Maritime initiative will be one of the first measures presented in 2021. This will be...

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