2021 Outlook – Biomethane at a turning point

By Zoltan Elek, CEO of Landwärme.

2021 will be the year of new beginnings as we take the first step toward 2030, the next big milestone for the EU Green Deal.

In 2019, Germany passed its very first climate protection law with binding ambitions. Now, new regulations are being put in place to achieve the self-imposed targets for 2030. Whereas the regulatory framework has not been in favour of biogas and biomethane in the past, the tables seem to be turning. Several legislative proposals and laws that Germany introduced in 2020 are starting to acknowledge the potential of biomethane in the new energy era, giving the industry a boost for the years to come.

As mandated by the EU, member states must define their trajectories for the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), the EU framework for renewable energy policies in the next decade, by mid-2021. RED II offers an ambitious path for emission reductions, especially in the transport sector, and has acknowledged advanced biofuels such as waste-based biomethane as an excellent option in achieving these with a sub-quota of up to 1.75 %. Germany is...

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